An insight into ‘Reach’ – in anticipation for Nummer’s debut live show

Having only released their first EP back in April, Nummer have made a swift return this month with their newest EP, ‘Reach’. With just a day to go until their debut live show, I caught up with Emmanuel and Silvère to find out a bit more about it.


How did you want the ‘Reach’ EP to differ from your first, ‘Beyond Time – Interpretations’?
E: Our first EP on Peur Bleue focused on a darker aspect of our music and Gohan (Peur Bleue A&R) really did a good job getting the “darkest” out of us. That said, we didn’t want the public to categorise us as a techno duo, we love playing disco, as much as we like mixing techno or house so we felt our second EP would have to be a bit lighter to reflect our brighter side. 


Apart from the recording you did in Zygote’s studio, the entire Reach EP was produced solely on hardware. What is the reason behind this?
E: Everything we record is quite spontaneous, we don’t really like retouching and spending hours trying to get the perfect sound – ok, we’re a bit lazy too-. I remember we got so bored in the past tweaking in front of the screen, that we needed something a bit more exciting and intuitive.


Tell me a bit about the equipment you use, I hear you’ve made your own…
S: Every single synth that we own is pretty much fascinating in itself… We love the fact that the same synth could fit in a track in different ways. Also as you mentioned it we really like to build our own pieces of equipment such as a bass line synth based on Limor Fried’s designs or effect pedals from Rebel Technology (Owl pedal)  where firmware can be reprogrammed with our custom effects.


How does Nummer position itself within the Going Good label?
E: We’re extremely lucky to be part of the GG family. We both have huge respect for Brian and Sal and what they accomplished with their label, bringing to the light guys like Moon B or Aquarian Foundation while keeping it real! There’s a strong identity within the label and we were super excited when Brian suggested we should do a release with them as we wanted to display something different from our EP on Peur Bleue.


You can catch the French duo this Thursday at Stoke Newington’s Waiting Room, tickets available here.


And in true Life Round Her style, here’s what Nummer have been listening to lately…


Mister Saturday Night: Brothers & Sisters

Having discovered General Ludd’s ‘Woo Ha’ through Jamie XX’s DJ set at FWD’s night last month at The Dance Tunnel, I’ve been intrigued by the General’s label, Mister Saturday Night. I bagged myself a copy of their newly released  collaborative album of all their signed artists, ‘Brothers and Sisters’ from Phonica Records this week.


The first disc (yes I buy CDs) brings together a range of industrial and experimental soundscapes, some that I’m sure would be fitting to the likes of Dinos Chapman’s washing machinesque taste buds. I’ve found disc two to be more relaxed and jazzy.

For me, Dark Sky are what make this album and lo and behold, they are from London (I promise I’ve only just found that out). Whether it’s introducing the the album with ‘In Brackets’ or when they reappear later on with ‘Rare Bloom’, incorporating a mix of industrial beats with robotic and warpy synths whilst consistently creating such a polished feel. When we’re reintroduced to them again on disc two, I can’t help but think that ‘Clear’ has been somewhat inspired by Kanye’s ‘New Slaves’ and replaced with dreamy vocals. To bid us farewell we hear the last of Dark Sky with ‘IYP’ with its housey shakers and retro melody, this track for me, is the club hit.


Other favourite’s of mine on the album include Anthony Naples’ ‘Moscato B’ with his upbeat tempo, Boya’s ‘Dawn Corner’ or ‘The Idler’ that has similar sounding vocals to some of Burial’s old stuff and Alex Burkat’s ‘Shower Scene’ – just because I think it would make a great film soundtrack.


It’s fair to say that the owners of Mister Saturday Night, Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin have an impeccable ear for new electronic music and with Jamie XX leading the way, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more of this album in’a de cluub.

Now Playing – 07.06.14

As I’m off to Field Day in approximately half an hour, this weeks ‘Now Playing’ will be a short and sweet overview.

To start we were blessed with Drake’s ‘0-100 / The Catch Up’ featuring the one and only James Blake. Both tracks merge nicely into one another and if you’re left wanting a bit more then definitely check out Sango’s ‘206’ blending samples of ‘Digital Lion’ and Catch Up. Both tracks are available to download free from Soundcloud.


Lucky Me Records went mental this week. Starting with Cashmere Cat’s new addition to the ‘Wedding Bells’ EP, ‘Pearls’ – it doesn’t differentiate much from the rest of the tracks, that said, whenever I hear anything from this EP on a night out, I do go a bit mental for it but I’m interested to see what they do after this EP is finished. We were then blessed with the ‘Lucky Me X Rinse set featuring Protect – U and Jacques Greene’. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the full set but I heard a nice remix of Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie in there. Tim Vocals released ‘Look Both Ways’. I like the Baaeur’s production on this but I wasn’t too interested in the vocals (ironically).


We were then blessed with a new Homeboy Sandman track, ‘Atlantis’. The guitar riff has been stuck in my head since first listening. As I’ve said before, Homeboy Sandman who has been releasing music for over two years now, fits perfectly in the pool of weird and wonderful artists under the Stone Throw Records label.


Throwing Snow had their ‘Mosaic’ EP launch at Rough Trade just this thursday gone. Unfortunately I was unable to make it as I was attending a friend’s private view, literally opposite and Number 6 (bros before hoes an’ all). This EP is a special one, with what sounds like they’ve obtained influences ranging from Massive Attack to Bonobo. ‘Avarice’ is definitely the right track to ease your way into the EP.


Yesterday, SBTRKT showed us what they have really been up to when they released ‘Temporary View’ Ft Sampha. Taken from the ‘Transitions’ EP, these guys are on point with the way they’ve merge ‘Resolute’ with Sampha’s vocals. They’ve enabled themselves to re-release each track on the EP and convert each into a completely new song – it’s clever musically and financially and I’m very excited to hear what’s next – without rubbing it in for anyone that isn’t attending Field Day today, I feel very privileged to know that they will probably play this tonight.


As there are so many new tracks released this week, here are another few that you should listen to.


Now Playing 02.06.14

Adult JazzSpook

Once again, Adult Jazz have been able to create a long, superbly delivered nine-minute track. Their ability to chop and change the mood of the song so beautifully, means that we are never left holding onto to a particular section because we’re taken on a journey that amazes and welcomes us every step of the way. This band have an incredible ability to showcase such a vast range of talent without ever creating a soundscape that is messy and unbearable, instead, it massages the listener’s ears. There is something incredibly special about this band and I recommend that everyone keeps their ears to the ground with these guys because their talent is formidable. Their album ‘Gist’ is to be released in August with the rest of the tracks on their own Spare Thought label.


Max MarshallYesterday

Having had the privilege of seeing this beauty perform just last week at the intimate Notting Hill Arts Club, there’s no doubt that Max Marshall’s talent is unique, this track being no exception. Yesterday portrays Marshalls’ more vulnerable side, she expresses trying to work out if a guy likes her and wanting him to talk about how much he wants her. We’ve all been there, Max’s expression of the situation is a relatable one. Performing this with attitude and class, we can tell that she’s not going to be waiting around for too long for whoever the lucky guy is.


KelisBless The Telephone (Trinidad- Senolia Deep Remix)

This track is one of my favourites on the recently released ‘Food’ album, this laid-back, housey remix is like a sprinkle of spice to the track. Using similar chords to The Plain White Ts’ ‘Hey There Delilah’, Kelis creates a similar melancholic vibe, without any of the emo attitude thrown in.


General LuddWoo Ha

Having heard this track on Jamie XX’s set at FWD’s night at the Dance Tunnel, I can’t help but think that Rich McMaster and Tom Marshallsay might have been influenced by Lil SIlva’s ‘Mask’ (Woo Haa was released only four months ago). The track instantly reminded me of the work of the incredible DJ Eclair Fifi – interestingly enough, these two met at the Glasgow School of Art, where Fifi has studied and is based with some of the Lucky Me crew including Hudson Mohawke. One can begin to distinguish a certain sound that is forming in the area and although Lucky Me and Mister Saturday (General Ludd’s label) are producing their own niche of music (within the labels as well), I love the fact that certain sounds in certain areas become favourable and are able to be manipulated into something that is unique to everyone. ‘Woo Ha’ is from General Ludd’s EP, ‘Fit of Passion’.


Now Playing – 25.05.14

Elizabeth Rose – ‘Sensibility’ (Indian Summer Remix)

Once again, another great colab from the Aussie Scene – you can really start to gain an understanding of the progression of the electronic music that’s coming from down under and how certain figures are helping to mould that. Indian Summer’s trappy horns and wavey snares do scream out that Flume might have been an influence, especially during the lead up to that heavy drop…


Max Marshall – ‘Your Love Is Like’

This Baltimore beauty moved to Hackney by spinning a globe and pointing – and her music fits just perfectly. Having grown up here all my life, I have been heavily influenced by 90’s R & B and it’s so refreshing seeing remnants of that resurface. This authentic track in particular is incredibly uplifting and what a perfect time to release it, just as the sun has started to shine! Ms Marshall is definitely one to keep an ear out for.


Timaya – ‘Bum Bum’

Continuing with my search for modern Afrobeat, I am undoubtedly having a lot of fun and Bum Bum is no exception. This track is evidence that music can be about sex without being sexist – its a celebration of the bum, an enjoyment of how great and mesmerising bums can be! What’s not to love?


Sonzeira – ‘Bam Bam Bam’

With no link to the previous track, this is just as catchy and enjoyable. We’re going to be hearing a lot of South American music coming from Giles Peterson’s collective Sonzeira in the lead up to the World Cup and the whistles and barks in ‘Bam Bam Bam’ make for a great track to get us in the football spirit. Sonzeira consists of 13 artists from Brazil and the rest of the world. This particular track is by Seu Jorge who played Knock Out Ned in the film City Of God but he’s recognised more for his music. ‘Bam Bam Bam’, the album comes out tomorrow – 26th May.


Little Dragon – ‘Paris’ (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Edit)

Nabuma Rubberband really has pushed Little Dragon into some incredibly fascinating directions and ‘Paris’ is no exception but T-E-E-D have managed to push the boundaries even further. They’ve stylistically splashed in thick horns and synths to add to the soundscape that creates a new structure for this track taking it to a completely different place. I love the fact that it is only at around two minutes in that we’re introduced to Yukimi’s famous vocals, and with no apologies that this hasn’t been done earlier – the party has been warmed up for her and when she arrives fashionably late this track becomes a club banger.


Fresh Out The Box @ Kachette 17.05.14

Having bagged myself a ticket to this eclectic night I was very unsure of my expectations – the line-up was simply mind blowing, but I did get the feeling that not everyone would have thought so. With a mix of jazzy soul and r & b it was hard to know exactly what to expect…

I arrived mid set during the fabulous F A T I M A’s performance and was instantly absorbed. You could tell that she is a genuinely confident woman with the right balance of attitude and modesty. She played with such passion and enthusiasm with a shadow of coolness that followed her wherever she moved – it was obvious that her band were in awe of her too. Through her fascinating lyrics and melodies, she has created an array of undoubtedly beautiful music that places her above the other r & b singers out there. I’d only heard a couple of her tracks on soundcloud before this night and it just goes to show that if you place a mind-blowing singer with a marketing team that just about have their heads screwed on, you can definitely persuade people that music is worth paying for. Just look at her recent success!


Here’s a snippet of her famous ‘La Neta’


Then came Coby Sey and Mo Kolours. I’d never heard of Coby before and wasn’t blown away. That said, for a filler, he wasn’t bad at all. Mo Kolours, on the other hand, really got the crowd ready but unfortunately by this point my mate and I were pretty wavey and between us, haven’t been able to remember any of the tracks he played.

Eventually Lil Silva arrived and I managed to place myself right at the front and loved the fact that I had enough space to get a proper skank on. Though I was also right next to the speakers which really hasn’t done any good for my ears, I’m sure… Whoops. The set in general wasn’t a touch on the last time I’d seen him back in March at the Evian Christ album launch night –  nowhere near as much hype, but it was decent. To be fair though, he did have the likes of Travi$ Scott to compete with, which might have had an effect on the tracks he played then. Here’s ‘Gobble That’


We know that Lil Silva is doing big things at the moment but I can’t help but think that he’s ended up in a bit of a trap of producing the clean and crisp music that’s earning him the dollar. I’d really like to see him being a bit more honest with his music in his next releases. I was completely taken aback mid Lil Silva’s set when, Swindle, the cocky little thing he is, began to mess around with the decks – attempting to set up his set – uh… mate, have a little respect?

I first came across Swindle at the Giles Peterson Worldwide Awards – he came with a band of two horns and a drummer and I’d definitely recommend listening to tracks such as ‘Do The Jazz’ and ‘Ignition’ for a proper introduction to the array of talent that can potentially come out of Swindle (the band). 


To be fair to him, he was the most enthusiastic of all the DJs at Fresh Out The Box, it just would have been nice to see the jazzy flare he’s famous for shine through, especially considering the fact that FATIMA opened the door at the beginning of the night proving that modern jazz is undeniably cool.


Now playing – 18.05.14

P-Square – Personally / Lynxxx – Fine Lady / Ibibio Sound Machine – The Talking Fish (Asem Usem Iyak)

I have my South-African family in London at the moment and have been forever picking their brains about what Afrobeat to listen to. Funnily enough, whenever I’ve mentioned the more traditional Afrobeat artists such as Fela etc, I’ve been shunned and told ‘That’s too old! Modern Afrobeat is much better!’ So I asked for some recommendations and out came P-Square, Lynxxx, and Ibibio Sound Machine. Well obviously, there are some obvious distinctions between these three artists. P-Square and Lynxxx sound very westernised – like Fuse ODG – and wow is it hard to refrain from dancing or even smiling along to Lynxxx’s ‘Fine Lady’ on the bus – try it, I dare you. Ibibio Sound Machine’s ‘The Talking Fish’ is more like what you’d expect from the more traditional Highlife genre, with their eight-piece band you can instantly hear the deep bass guitar and 80’s style synths thrown in with some disco. Interestingly enough, they are now situated in London and will be playing at Village Underground on the 27th November.


The Wizard – Breaking All Limits

I can see why this might be a great way to get into house and techno, but I can’t help but think that this track in particular is incredibly simple and boring. It lacks depth and that incredibly cheesy synth hook we hear before the track goes into full swing, I mean seriously?  We’ve all heard it before and when we do, it’s embarrassing and and reminds us that we’re cooler than the club we’re in or that the drugs have completely worn off. Each to their own though.



Having released his second EP on his own label Hadal only two days ago, Pangaea really has given us all a treat. These tracks are near to unexplainable but by no means should they be undervalued. I’d say that Ivy and Pob are my favourites. Ivy, with it’s experimental soundscape and Pob with its deep, dubby, industrial beats. I’d prefer for listeners to make their own minds up on these though, as I think Pangea does – considering the fact that he has disabled comments and the ability to view how many people have liked, re-posted or listened to the tracks on Soundcloud. Big up Pangaea for encouraging individual opinions.


Dream Koala – Earth

Having just released his first album ‘Earth. Home. Destroyed.’, Dream Koala seems to be the talk of the town. Having already released his first EP ‘Blur’ in 2012, this Berlin-based producer, sure enough knows what he’s doing. Experimenting with dreamy vocals along with heavy, bassy, beats he has managed to create a track that, if I had it my way, would be topping the charts. It’s accessible enough and clearly illustrates his talent for making and producing incredible music.